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Olympus Superzoom AF-110 analog camera - Lomography!
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Olympus Superzoom af-110 analog camera - Lomography!

Manufactured in Japan from 1992

Any lomography fans out there? Then check out this great film camera...

Lomography with Superzoom 110 IMG 1

Lomography with Superzoom 110 IMG 2

Lomography with Superzoom 110 IMG 3

Lomography with Superzoom 110 IMG 4

Lomography blog - Superzoom 110 Lomography fun IMG 5

What is the Superzoom 110?

The superzoom 110 is a compact analog camera, for 35mm color film.

It can shoot with a long zoom meaning you can take pictures from a long distance, especially well equipped for sky photography.

The zoom lens has 5x or more zoom.

It also has autofocus and takes exceptional sharp images for its size.

But don't believe us, watch for yourself. See the photo samples.

These pictures are 20+ years old almost by now. They have their own color to them, and the quality is superior to digital in many instances, no noise.

Film cameras have so many benefits, of which their main are they let you express yourself as an artist/photographer.

You can chose the film, iso, and much more. This one also never runs out of power when you need it.

Often the mistakes are the most useful and fun pictures.

Not to mention you get that joy of going to your photo dealer to get your film developed, and waiting 7 days in anticipation.

It gotta be good pictures, if you have to wait that long :)

But is the Superzoom the best analog cam? I'm not sure. I think I like my pentax pc303 the best, even though it is old and dusty, big, heavy, yes some even (god forbid) call it ugly and plasticy. But I like it. It takes excellent sharp pictures and has no autofocus, a real big benefit.

The lens is furthermore 3 piece design for high quality. They really spent a lot of time designing this camera at pentax. Check it out in my other articles.

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2016-09-04 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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