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Chosing freedom is not always easy... Richard Stallman says
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Freedom is simple, but getting there can be hard, for many people

To get to freedom you must swim against the current

stop using apple
stop using facebook

stop using a smartphone

smartphones are surveilance and tracking devices

the manufacturerer put in a backdoor required by law

meaning it records your position all the time
it can listen in all the time

people have been convicted by this

this is stalin's dream people (cite richards stallman)

everyone getting a cellphone for surveilance purposes

you are never free if you got a smartphone
unless you root it

even with Free software on it, your position is logged daily on the go

state knows where you are

My conclusion:
I will go back to a landline phone. And drop the cellphone alltogether. I might only browse through tor and duckduckgo (google alternative). I will stop using youtube, it is nasty.

I won't install nonfree software on my pc willingly, at least not on all my pcs

I won't sell my freedom for convenience!

Many people sell their freedom for convenience and a shiny package (apple).
But what they get is imprisonment, the program doing things in the background they don't know what is. No freedom at all. An operating system that urges you to be a slave. Instead of urging you to be free souls and share with your neighbor.

If you use proprietary software you are never free. So it is important to say no I won't use that.

The price is not the point here, neither is convenience, ' I will use that program because it does something for me '

No the point is freedom.

I will only use freedom respecting things.

I will only trade with freedom respecting individuals.

You can have free software with a price,in fact many people earn a honest living that way. And produce quality code,that is not bad for people. Unlike microsoft and apple.

Free software comes with any price, typically free, or with a price of up to millions.

Free as in free beer is not what it is about

Free as in freedom.

All this is also the reason...
I vote socialdemocratic, for equality
I don't buy anything I don't need
I'd rather take the bus than own a car

Freedom takes making choices.
I won't sell my will, or sacrifice environment to live a happy life.

Not when I can be happy without perfectly fine.

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No to Facebook
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No to Google
Google, facebook, youtube cooperate with NSA

Here are the annoying complications...

Google, facebook, youtube cooperate with NSA, log you eternally. NSA can live stream your data, on your profile. Google give out over 10.000 profile data without warrant a year. Yes you read right, no warrant needed by the new terror laws!. Suspicion for terror is excuse to snap all your private data incl pictures. Google delivers them to NSA yearly, and facebook does too. Do you want this to continue?

Data on this is available on google , stats, for profile data given out to fbi, nsa.

They do preventive surveilance on you. If you use any of their services.

Which means it is your choice if you want a surveilance society. Say no to any of these 3 monster (and monopoly) services.

2017-05-12 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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