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The DOOM successor.... and a nice free game? - It is Quake II of course!
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A cool game I know...

If you never tried Quake 2... you gotta try this game!

It's the evolutionary high point of online gaming.
Cannot be pro or max out your skillz (2tm) without playing quake 2..

Quake 2 Download | Play Online for Free
Quake 2 online

Visit also European Quake 2 Online Community:

Teleport in and join today!!

Quake 2 online

So ... what makes Quake 2 so good as an online game?

- Quake series of First Person Shooters!
- Dark Quake dungeons..
- Unique Quake Maps!
- Speed and strafe jumping, Rocket jumping
- FPS game
- Online game
- Hook, runes
- Quad Damage!!
- BFG10k. The successor to DOOM!

The successor to DOOM should say it all. A Must Have Game!

Many things make this game totally unique. People make clanwars on IRC, make clanrooms on IRC. Make their own clanskin. Both male and female models exist. You can use teamspeak too so you can have voice conversations in game when you play clanwars with your friends. Lastly Quake is the inventor of 'splash damage' from rockets and 'rocket jumps'. Simply the best online gaming experience of any game.

The Quake series of games is real popular, and Quake 2 is the best of them all, has all the best features you won't find in other quake games.

It takes real skill to play Quake 2, it is both for newbies and pros. But pros will feel at home in this game. It is not just a sit and camp game. You actually have to run fast.

There is a lot to learn in this game, and you can keep learning after 5 or 10 years.

9 unique weapons from hyper blaster to BFG10k makes this a very varied game. Very interesting weapons, and even strafe jumps and speed jumps add variation to this game.

There is no game like it in online gaming the past 20 years. The closest we come is CS 1.6 (Counter Strike). But it doesn't come near the fast paced gameplay of Quake or the dark dungeons and rushing for the quad damage, splashing enemies all over the floor and laava!

Best free game I know!

Quake 2 !!

Quake 2 online

Furthermore Quake 2 runs fast on even slow pcs with great graphics, and is freely available today via online sub forum sites in the 'dark web'

The only game you need.

It should be in every FPS addicts collection!

Send this link to your friends. A very cool online game that now is free.

Make your own bald man skin and join today!! Create your own player model...

2016-05-29 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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