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Quake II servers - This Is How I Play Quake 2 Online Lately (2017)..
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Quake II servers - And How I Play Quake 2 Online Today..

This is how i play quake 2 online, one of the most fun games to play...

Dark quake dungeons, bald men and women fight for the quad damage at a blazing fast speed. Who ever gets the megahealth first!

It won't be easy.

Getting the Bfg10k is even harder, it is camped good.

Cooperative play in quake 2.. and Stroggwars mod!

Do you have what it takes?

This game requires hardcore skill and hand-eye coordination, people continue to stick to it, there is nothing like it out there that requires so much skill to play and offers you so much competitive playing and 24 hours online servers in a big gaming community.

You ma yhave heard of places such as:
Xs4all Lithium
Cardassia in Germany
Østkyst Hustlers Lithium server
Chefs Lithium
Cyclones Lithium (quake2.cyclones.dk:6666)
Cyclones Railonly #1

Lithium Quake II...those were the days!... 1998!

And many more..

These are all Lithium mod servers, and also Railonly another very cool and popular mod for quake II.

But Lithium it just doesn't get any better.

This game has so many good mods, it would be a shame not to list them all, unfortunately I'm out of space here. You will have to research on your own. Lithium and Railonly are some of the more popular ones. As is normal deathmatch. What lithium adds is runes to the gameplay for more fun and action. Special abilities to your player and you can slay your opponent and steal his rune, like in a good game of diablo. Each rune gives special player abilities like Haste, Strength etc.

Of course there are the regular powerups on the map too not to forget. Quad damage.

I would go for the hyperblaster too, it is very good at aiming into crowds with and killing many people at once.

Quake 2 servers

Hostname Players
Clanworld's Lithium-DM #113/32
PlayGround.ru - Deathmatch12/20
PlayGround.ru - Teamplay 9/12
tastyspleen.net::dm 5/17
PacketFlinger.com :: OpenTDM :: UK 0/20

Now just to find quake II and join some servers!:)

You can view my quake 2 page here...

DI3H4RD's Total Pro Ownz0r Quake II(r) Page. Total DOOMination.

Enjoy people, still the greatest game there is. Just need a fragpipe and the quad

Quake 2 has so many cool
features for a game...

It has the quad damage
It has the runes (vampire... uh oh!)
It has the small dark maps... yes love that!
It has so fast tempo, go home unreal..
It has invented the 1on1 and 2v2 words basically
It has great teamplay, one of the best online fps games
It has any capability you could wish for, even speak with your team mates via Teamspeak(tm) program on windows
It has smileys (custom smileys) editor!!!!
It has over 100 mods, or thereabout. Really cool mods. All worth playing. The mods are unique or this game and very high quality.
It has custom skins so you can design your own dark evil quake ninja player. Show everyone your ninjs skillz

Most of all it requires very little ressources to run. This is a game that runs great on all major oses, from linux, windows to mac osx.

Need not mention that quake 2 is crossplatform and free software?. Quake 2 sourcecode has been released as GPL meaning it is totally free, and you can compile your own client and get it just the way you want

This means there are about a dozen or even 100s of mods out there for the greatest game of all time.

2017-03-23 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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