GNU Book Keeping Ncurses Customer Interface written in C

GNU regnskabsprogram i ncurses (terminal baseret), kunde interface, bilagsnumre arkivering.

Ncurses book keeping database editor/accounting customer interface (functioning beta version!).

It is based on libcdk which it has statically linked in. It can update,delete,insert customer info into the database.

It can edit records with this info for each customer: Vouchid Date BookEntry Grossamount Netamount Timestamp User.

It can also be used as a database editor to edit your own databases the column count can be changed dynamically in source. It supports both , and . as decimal separator and short dates (3-2 becomes 03-02-2011 after saving) to speed up typing.
It is a bit similar to Saldi (php), just terminal based and free (GPL'ed). Date field validation is possible (in mysql) - by default the Date field is of Date type in mysql so it is validated (even when using reverse dates, as the program turns that to default db dateformat), and both forward and reverse dates are possible (2011-01-02 us and 02-01-2011 danish), as well as non-us decimal separator (,)

Program has a --demo option so there is no need to import MySQL db to try it out.
See src for source tarballs and deb files; websvn: for newest development.

Newest version is available in subversion:
svn co svn://

NEWS (Fri Aug 19 2011): now on sourceforge
svn co

Please check when the release has been made compared to
svn ls svn://

If you are on debian, you can fetch the deb package here (may be older version):
gbkeeper — debian package repository

Usually newest release is on subversion

Note: it is not an official GNU app yet, so the name has been removed for now in the app, hopefully it will be in the future, it is not release-ready yet, still in beta.
It is still to be officially released as a GNU app, and hopefully into debian unstable soon when I get time. Hey if someone got the time, why not do it for me?

A terminal database editor is really needed in debian, or gnu, and very cool.