Unityblog 2.4-stable~git

Latest versions are always on Git:
git clone git://github.com/wavecollapser/Unityblog.git


Free opensource GNU blog
no fuzz, minimal design

This is just a simple blog made for the people, in php.
Fully free, and respecting your freedom.

If you are in need of latest source, it may only be found by contacting me. Git access has been restricted for me lately, not there so much.

I can be contacted at my blog, source given to anyone who wants.

Many bugfixes not listed in git. And a much neater design. Includig better titles that are nonannoying on the web. Follow good coding standard of back in time where things were Right. You know what I mean. Index.php oh yea. And normal titles. Non seo optimized. Just normal.

Old stable(perhaps latest):

See INSTALL for howto install, takes 5seconds, oneliner install
mysql -u root -p < all.sql

Author blog (see the blog in action)
Made by: Michael Olsen - 2013 , bugs to: gnu gmx dot net

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