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This page contains merely a long awaited list of my All Time Favorite Games for the Amiga (500/1200). It took a very long time to compile: it consists of primarily amiga 1200 games and magazines.. Games that I usually kept 3 copies of on floppy!. The list is a big one and included of all my favorite A1200 games and Amiga 500 games too. Enjoy and please return to this page for more. After having an amiga 1200 for many years these are those I've found to be the best games on this platform/console, they simply cannot be beaten. In fact sooo good, they often were top-rated, ratings of 9.5/10 not uncommon, in amiga magazines. Cannon fodder is one that many know with this high rating, a very well made amiga game. through time.

You likely know many of these, you remember them?. Take a look on next page..

I spent so much time with my amiga 1200, backing up these games, gunship 2000, pinball fantasies etc. I would usually keep 3 or 4 copies of good games, because my brother would loan them, and his amiga 500 had gotten the Yoshua virus on.. It has infected his bootloader, meaning all disks you put into the machine would get infected too. A strange virus showing yosha japanese text as banners across the screen at boot and at times ingame. So I always virus scanned ALL my disks I lend out, because in the time of the amiga, viruses were were popular. I would get like 20 different viruses on all my disks at times. When I had most disks, probably had a 1000 (10 diskette containers full + a big box too!).

Oh I miss the sound of those floppies.

Me and my old amiga.

See and click link below for my full amiga games list.

Here's review of one of my absolute fav game on the amiga platform...: Sensible Soccer (Sensible World of Soccer '96)

The FULL LIST: Amiga 1200 games

Modifying pc floppy drives for amiga use.. is it possible? yup you bet.... with a bit of cautious soldering you can make pc drives work in your amiga as extra diskette drives /720k floppies.
This thread will show you how.

Here's how you do... a user writes...

Yesterday night I noticed I had a Panasonic JU-257A606P sitting on my

I remembered that there was an article about that on Aminet regarding
how to use it with the Amiga. So, let's download that and see.

It seems the article deals with a very old revision of the A606P, one
that I've never seen in the wild.

Naturally the component positions are totally different in these that
I've seen.

Oh well, the document told me enough. Get _RDY to pin 34 and _DC to pin
2, make the drive answer to DS0 instead of DS1.

Eight drives, ready to be plugged into an Amiga. Anyone want to buy
some? I'm probably going to ebay a few, but I'm also open for offers
directly. These are great for aftermarket towers. (DS1 versions
available per request)

I got rather quick at this.. 5mins per drive after a bit of practice.

Amiga pics

Sexy Amiga pictures here!

14 inch-"Heaven"!

And those ram drives were blazin fast... thou nothing left when you reboot :/

Sometimes I would have several ram drives just for the fun of it. Games would load almost instantly, it was just like in heaven.

Amiga fun slash Ressources

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