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Hello geeks, phreakers, hackers, nerds, and general weirdos and welcome to my new and updated quake 2 page. I am an old time player of Quake 2 Lithium. My nick is =3x=Di3h4rd. I play lithium and battleground, the best mods for q2. I had to change my nickname from =3x=Diehard to Di3h4rd after I got banned on q2.tv2.dk due to people thinking I was using bot (I was just too pro). On this page I will describe a little about the various cool quake 2 mods that make quake 2 such a unique and varied game. All the rpg elements are to be found in quake 2. Dark dungeons, runes, bald men, or design your own player skin! This is the Lithium mod, the most popular mod. It even lets you steal runes from other players after you slay them (with delight!). Here you can see cardassia quake demos and download files for quake 2, and also find the newest and baddest lithium servers online. Come join my irc chat too, it is channel #3x on Quakenet where we idle and arrange pcws/join quake servers. Much fun in there. If you dont got the no-hat. *** I AM in the middle of redesigning this page for better browsing ** Oh chain gun and water...it fits so well together..
[.:.:. READ THE QUAKE 2 GUIDE RIGHT HERE .:.:.]. ~~ ~~ \\// \ii/ \ii/ ~~ A QUAKE 2 TEASER N SPOILER //\\ /oo\ /oo\ //\\ [.:.:. popopopopopoppopopopopopopoppoopp .:.:.]. ~Cypherskull
Why did I make this page?
Well like many people I want to keep playing lithium. I'm not a quitter thats for sure. I want to play the one and only game that is worth playing, quake 2! Yet chefs lithium blog, which was up for some years, seems to have gotten shut down. He got tired of hosting the events it seems, it just stopped. Shame, he even ran a server and there was regular events. So now i started up clanworld, hope some people will support us, and create a profile today This is your non stop portal for all things quake 2. Mods, maps, events, lithium fragparties. Computer parties too within Scandinavia. If you are scandinavia based resident you will feel at home. Even from the US or any other country. This portal is not made to be country specific. It is just my experience that quake 2 lives on mostly within EU, where it is very popular, we don't see so many us players always as we would like. Maybe they are scared of the 200ms ping? Be the trendsetter HPW :-), Teach us lpw bastards a lesson?:P


The coolest quake 2 files and mods, pak files etc. that make the difference between a pro and a newbie. But only god can help you if you're a newbie. pak9.pak - my custom pak9.pak for brightskins, new water sounds, new hud and new item textures. Player skins are brightgreen. Easy to hit. All the pros use this one. Clan 3x demos - the newest demos from my Quake 2 Lithium clan, clan 3x. Clanfights and pcws. And also other general quake 2 demos. You can play these by typing demomap xxx.dm2 in console ingame. Quake 2 clients - The best quake 2 clients. R1Q2, Legacy Q2 3.20 from Idsoftware, Aprilla Q2, and the new ZQuakeII (legacy ultimate quake II client) etc.

10 Reasons Quake 2 Is The Ultimate Gaming Experience?

1. It's a timeless classic in league with unreal tournament. So pure fps action that no other game can compete with. 2. It takes hardcore skills and hand-eye coordination. This game requires so much hand-eye coordination to play that it isn't just something you finish in a day and be done with it. No people, stick to it. 3. Brightskins 4. Bunnyjumping.. .the name says itself? 5. Unique maps no other game has as well, frag pipe and the edge ,, look them up! 6. Is made in a time period where all the classic and best fast paced action online games came out. Thus has the real action feel. Pro feel. 7. It has both rpg, strategy and fps elements. Depending on the mod type. 8. Many mods, now we get to it. LOTS of mods for quake 2. Makes it such an unique and varied game. All from stroggwars to jailbreak and Lithium. If you like unique and best games. You gotta try lithium. No game even comes close. Pure genious. And you gotta try it more than once. You will not be able to understand this elegant game without trying it at least a handful times. 9. Team speak, irc, clanwars, pcws. People sit in IRC on quakenet and arrange clanfights. You can speak ingame with your friends while fragging them with Rocket launcher and splattering their skull against the wall with the Quad Damage. Team speak client lets even older games like quake 2 have voice features via microphone. 10. Old is a bonus here. This game is just perfect. They don't make them like this anymore! OKOK SO YOU*RE CONVINCED AND NOW YOU JUST WANT TO FRAG THE FIRST AND EASIEST NEWBIE YOU CAN FIND. AND NOW YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD QUAKE 2... BUT WHERE YOU ARE WONDERING?... WELL THAT PART IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. JUST HEAD OVER TO CLANWORLD THEY HAVE ALL YOU NEED. QUAKE 2 HAS BEEN RELEASED BY ITS MAKERS. MEANING YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE FULLY VIA THE DEMO VERSION!!!

Screenshots of quake 2

Here it looks when you play this game online. It doesn't get better than this people. So many noobs just waiting to get fragged.. Might want to fire up that Windows 98... it doesn't support usb , but it still works wonders for gaming This page is supported by Microsoft(tm) Windows 98. Links: An anonymous windows 98 fanpage Clanworld quake 2 screenshots and downloads Clanworld quake 2 master Clanworld quake 2 master server query. Search for Quake II servers online! OKok... but what about the maps and mods? here are my maplist and mod list for quake2... The Edge Fragpipe Tokais towers Warehouse Slimy Place Those are those that I can remember that are really good maps of quake 2... In game mods: There are a lot of mods for this game, and it rivals unreal tournament any time... Each of the mods can be used either serverside of client side. Usually the mod is installed serverside meaning the client can just join and all files are auto downloaded. No need to install the mod. So super easy to play new mods. But in some rare cases, you actually need to install the mod, such as with Stroggwars. Lithium and Ctf are usually examples of serverside mods that are downloaded automatically from server. THE MOD LIST FOR QUAKE II Stroggwars Railonly Battleground Opentdm (battle replacement per 2014) Lithium Lithium II CTF Jailbreak Kots2007 (homepage..) These are just some of the mods Download the mods here... Some of the coolest are definitely lithium and kots 2007, very unique mod that you will find in no game, both with the coolest rpg elements in them. Make your own character and player, player skin! Kots2k7 lets you upgrade your player. While lithium lets you take items from map and steal once you slay a player. Really cool. It has runes.

Game requirements

Here are the specs needed to run quake II, the ultimate game you can install on your pc... - Min. 4x cdrom drive for cd installation - A 486dx or equivalent with a math-coprocessor - An agp graphics card with 16mb of memory, but pci can work (geforce256 or - Voodoo 1/banshee works best) - 250MB harddrive - 56k connection for playing over the internet, or better. T1 is recommended if you want to play worldwide. This game doesn't require a powerhorse of a pc to run. Unless you are unlucky to have an amd k6-2 , in which case it will run very poorly, you will likely be able to run it. Don't expect many fps with that slowmo pc. It will run, but don't expect smoothness. Optimized binaries are available for amd and athlon cpus.

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See my other page about installing gamespy for quake 2 to scan servers.... Gamespy install for quake 2 Lithium Mod . Page dedicated to my all time favorite mod for quake 2... A gotta try. Quake II Mods . DI3H4RD's quake 2 mod page! Clanworld Home - Clanworld's Lithium homepage. A Quake 2 Lithium dedicated website. Register today so we know who are active players!
Quake II mods, click here to view the newest mods for the game! Doom supported